Monday, June 29, 2015

Decision Made

Just a quick update to let you know how we are all going.

On our journey up to Botany Bay a couple of weeks ago we decided we really didn't like motoring and would be much rather sailing so got to work sorting out how to do this asap.

Fixing the mast was the answer and Dan is currently into his second week of doing this after lots of networking to find a place to work, the supplies required and help in all the practical things like moving the mast pieces from one place to the other.

We have met some fantastic people that have gone out of their way to help us find what we need and hopefully we will be standing the mast sometime next week weather permitting.

We won't have our normal sails but hopefully can repair our genoa enough to get us going and have our big kite for down wind.  The main sail will have to wait but we would rather be going slowly under wind power rather than motor power.

Will follow up with some photos and a fuller story once we are up and running and back to our normal.