Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Technical Issues

We have been having a few issues with our very ancient laptop so please for give the mish mash of the last couple of posts.

Hope you have a pretty good idea and the photos are for both posts.

Photos of our centepede, the Hole in the Wall and the light house by it. Whangarei Heads and the boys on their birthday.

In this one a couple of a funny little boat we saw in Whangarei with my Mums name, think it was made for her!!

We are enjoying the heat and taking full advantage of central city living. The kids have joined a drama group and are loving having so many kids at the marina to play with.

Their friend Leila is back today for a few days so they are busy on the playground while I get to do this.

Dan has been doing a few things to the wiring and the dingy will also need a bit of maintenance asap, but we are waiting for the bank balance to improve before we start looking at final purchases for Cat 1.

Won't have much to report in the next few weeks but will let you know of any interesting things we see and do over the next wee while.


Well we anchored in Whangarei on Thursday 28 January and took another breath. Dan managed to get a job boat building/repair work in a boat yard up here and the kids and I have been exploring the city.

We are all really enjoying the marina, everyone is so friendly and there are a lot more boat kids. Not forgetting the large playground right beside it, so I can see the kids from the boat.

There are a lot of cool walks close by and the aquatic centre also.
Rylee and Oliver were 7 just after re moved in and we celebrated by sending them up the mast and going to the movies. They shared their cake for the first time ever and decorated it themselves after telling Mum and Dad how they wanted it iced. (Green toothpaste flavour!