Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just to say Hi.

To all our friends out there, to say Yes we are still around and haven't forgotten our blog, just not had internet access at a time of day that I feel up to stringing more than two words together.

We are still at our marina berth in Nelson, both working (weather allowing) and having a great time learning about educating the kids.

Dan has (rather successfully I think) added bits to a boat, changed bits on another boat and fixed a wee woopsie that someone had while out racing, as well as continuing to chip away at the long to do list we have for Division 2.

I have been working pretty close to full time at Nelson Hospital, doing lots of Night Shift but enjoying it all the same. Still get plenty of sleep on the boat and the kids have been great about being quite if needed.

We have been enjoying catching up with heaps of friends while we are here, going out for meals or cuppas or playdates which has been lovely.

Not a lot of sailing - either no wind or a very cold wind so have only been out once for a motor up the inside of the boulder bank to see the spoonbills and dingy to the lighthouse for a picnic lunch.

We have had to say good bye to our Salty Sea Dog Jazz, who has gone to live with another family in Wakefield. We miss him daily, but decided it wasn't fair to keep such an active dog on board.

Will post some piccies soon, and hopefully start writing up more about our construction and systems for those that need ideas. Of course it is easy to make these promises at 0420 on night shift!!