Wednesday, May 12, 2010

here are a few photos I have been meaning to get on here for AGES.
Starting at the top a couple of photos from Whangamata Beach Hop end of March. We were lucky enough to be able to catch up with our friends the Law family and pose with Nicks Dads wee Morrie.

Next is Mansion house on Kauwau Island, and Rylee with one of the locals.

Then Paige at helm on the way to Kauwau, being an excellent Auto Pilot.
A waterfall on Great Barrier Island up from port Fitzroy Harbour.
then a few photos from our weekends out and about in Whangarei. There is a small old Goldmine sharft on a walk not far from us with a healthy population of cave weta and the stream nearby has fresh water crayfish which are fun to hunt for. Also paige showing her skills on the playground.

Have started writing what is turning out to be an epic about our trip south at the end of march so will try and finish it and get it posted asap.

We are looking at leaving early June as the weather allows. Currently many boats that were all ready to leave this week are stuck waiting for the right winds to see them on their way. I think we will see a clear out over the weekend and early next week.